About us

Our History

60 years ago my grandparents, José and Sebastián, left their homes starting a new life of adventure in a new colonization village: Valmuel.

They could never imagine that the arid land they had bought in the past was going to be covered by a film of water to cultivate rice. And even less they could imagine their grandsons were going to market this prized delicacy.

"Wind, earth, water and sn are perfect ingredients mixed with a high qualitiy rice seed, all combined with our family devotion for their job, make Prados del Colono rice unique and different, worthy of the best cookers"

Since then, three generations have worked in the area of Bajo Aragón trying to get the best secrets from the land. The three generations have tried to do their best, working every day harder and harder, investing and innovating in the better opportunities the land and the weather can offer us every year
Thanks to these values Prados del Colono was born.

After some years of work, and periods of learning, in areas where in Spain is more common to plant rice, like Valencia or Delta del Ebro, my father Antonio Alquezar, son of Sebastián, decided to introduce different varieties of rice seeds in our area. Our goal is to reach the best quality for our products, enough quality to compete with any rice in the world.

Nowadays my, brother Jose Antonio and myself try to protect our family heritance and share it with the world. We called our product Prados del Colono honoring the work of our grandparents.


Teresa Alquézar

Teresa Alquezar