General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale


The General Conditions (hereinafter GENERAL CONDITIONS) is to regulate the conditions of use and use of the website, of which he owns RCS XXXXXX XXXXX Register, volume XXX, page XXX, sheet No. XXXX inscription Xth dated XX / XX / XX - CIF: A-XXXXX (hereinafter XXXXXX), whose activity is the marketing and sale of software products and other collateral activities related to the IT sector, as can be: training, support services, collection, preparation and publication of information through various means ... The mere use of

siti web, gives the User ("User"), who acknowledges and accepts without reservation or exception, every one of the GENERAL CONDITIONS that are set forth herein. Iberica be

XXXXXX reserves the right to unilaterally modify any and all of the obligations under the TERMS without notice. Also the ability to restructure, modify or delete any information service or content included on this web site without prior notice.


website is free public use and any user can access the information provided. XXXXXX reserves some of the services offered to registered users by filling in the corresponding User registration form is available to any user. Joined

undertakes to make lawful use of keys accceso and not put them to third parties. And is committed to reliably communicate as soon XXXXXX, loss or theft of the Access Keys and any risk of access to them by third parties.


price indicated at all times next to the product does not include tax / fee or handling charges and postage, and is always based on web orders placed. XXXXXX reserves the right to change this price without notice and removal of the product catalog of any element or introducing new ones. The retail price on products shown are approximate and indicative (non-binding).

shipping and handling costs will be borne by the customer and will specify in the shopping cart and order. Products purchased must

after performing ORDER by any of the means of payment chosen will be detailed in the process of buying paid according to payment terms of each customer.

The delivery depends on the products and the province to which the shipment is made??, and in any case begins to run from that XXXXXX receives the order amount. Such delivery will be exposed roughly in the process of buying and may depend on the form of shipping selected, which will also be exposed and explained in that process.

client may partially cancel the order provided that the merchandise has not been sent. In this case, be XXXXXX reserves the right to impose a fee to order derivatives disorders.

charge that the goods have been sent to the user will have to bear the entire order, then being able to use the mechanisms of application for refund / replacement, detailing any of these products that make an order may be requested in return or replacement within a period of x days from the invoice date. To make use of this possibility that the products will be in perfect condition, not open, or used, or manipulated in any form. That this obligation may result in rejection of the application for refund or replacement.

off an order to your destination numbered for quotation to the customer to pick up next to the order and make sure it matches with your order number and the goods that make up the order and delivery will be generated, as signing the delivery note waive any claim for goods lost or delivered to shabby.

parallel, an invoice will be generated by the amount of the order to be sent to the customer by mail or other means in accordance with the client.

product warranties are those provided by the manufacturers, be they in any case those responsible for possible flaws or defects in the products supplied and the possible consequences thereof. The customer is bound by the terms and conditions specified in these manufacturers' warranties. The warranty applies as long as the product is used under normal operating conditions determined by manufacturers

XXXXXX is not obligated to compensate the user or others for the consequences of use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents to persons, damage to property outside the product, loss of profit or loss of profits, damages arising from a deterioration or loss of data. XXXXXX

not responsible in any way for possible errors or defects that could have provided products. It is the manufacturer who with warranty liable for any damage that harbored product. The customer can check in Box Guarantee provided by XXXXXX on your website, the rights you have and the warranty period granted by each manufacturer.

XXXXXX is not responsible for any typographical errors or content on the characteristics of products that may occur occasionally, and like the prices, these features are subject to change without notice. Also the pictures of products are non-binding but indicative.