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Prados del Colono rice baked with Morcilla (black pudding)

Prados del Colono rice baked with Morcilla (black pudding)

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for 4 people

400 grs of rice

4 tomatoes

1 garlic

200 grs of ham     

200 grs of pork ribs

4 small "Morcillas" black pudding

800 cls-850 cls of meat broth

200 grs of chickpeas

olive oil and salt 


In a different pan, with hot olive oil, we will mark the ribs, crispy outside but rare done inside. There will be enough time to be cooked in the oven later.
In the same pan we fry (a little bit) the "jamón serrano".
In a mud source or in a metal one able to be put into the oven , we dispose the ribs and the "jamon serrano" all over the sourface. Then we extend the rice and the chickpeas.
The meat broth be spilled carefully.
We cut the tomatoes in halves. We alternate this tomato halves with the little black pudding "morcilla" on the top of the rice trying the meat broth cover them. In the middle of our "gastronomic draw" we put the entire garlic just in the centre.
Cook at 250ºC during 30 minutes.

Important: Not all the oven heat the same, please take care of our gastronomic making.