Our nephew explains the birth of Prados del Colono, special rice for risottos and paellas.

 The kids explain tell us how see the work, the care and the dedication that puts the family in the harvest of Prados del Colono. Special rice for risottos and paellas. 

Video receipt - Sweet dessert - Toffe, milk and rice

 Tv program of recipies. 

How to make a special sweet dessert. 

Harvest of rice Prados del Colono.

Interview in Aragon Tv. 

Rice Prados del Colono visits a tv set - Aragon TV

 Prados del Colono is invited to visit Aragon TV sets and Prados del Colono invites Aragon TV fellows to paella. 

Rice sowing - Prados del Colono

 We can see how rice Prados del Colono is sowed. 



Rice Prados del Colono at midday news

 Aragon TV midday news shows how the growth stage is going.


Rice Prados del Colono grows perfectly.



Rice Prados del Colono company in a tv program for the first time

 One of the first interviews of rice Prados del Colono company in a tv program